Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Da, da, da, DA! Helena!

Helena loved the camera, or the camera loved her. Not sure which but Marc made her shine!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Click. Wind. Repeat Featuring Ophelia

Speaking of Ophelia (in my post before this), here are some of Marc's work featuring her. Ophelia, age 10.

One of the group

Watching her sisters play with wooden cars creating an entire world of excitement, Evangeline was completely entranced. The big girls whirled around her with calls to each other and sound effects of their alter egos adventure. I watched her take it all in and wondered what she would do: come to me to rescue her from the chaos, toddle off in search of her favorite book and her stuffed dog Fabio or figure out how to join them. At almost 16 months she seems too young to me to even want to try to participate in her sister's play but to my surprise she dodges through the flurry to find two wood cars for herself and joins in with her own sound effects of squeaks and babbles. Lavinia didn't hesitate, interacting with Evangeline drawing her into their developing story-line with a graceful enthusiasm. Helena too engaged her with play and Ophelia showed her how to make her car fly. The almost 5 year gap between the two youngest hardly seems noticeable, they are happy to have her in their ranks and show her the ropes with delight. This happens more and more, setting her up to color when they are sprawled on the floor doing so themselves, recruiting her help with setting the table, gently kicking the soccer ball for her to attempt to play, and taking turns holding her on their laps to swing.

As I watched them play this morning, marveling at how fast the youngest is growing up, Ophelia came over to me and in a very adult tone said, "I just can't believe how fast she's growing up!" There she stood, near tears with a proud smile beaming at her youngest sister and I couldn't believe my ears, my first baby acting all grown up. "Tell me about it." I said and hugged my first baby close.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Click. Wind. Repeat. Featuring Lavinia

More of Marc's brilliance, beautiful photography featuring Lavinia, age 8.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I've got photos to share afterall!

My camera may be missing but I do have photos to share! I didn't take them (which explains the quality), our good friend Marc Brubaker did. I've been meaning to share them for a while but every time I look through them I can't imagine picking just a few to post, they are all so great! Marc's beautiful photography of his company Click. Wind. Repeat. will be featured in our first edition of our family newsletter due out next week. We are so fortunate to have Marc's work for our magnets and prayer cards as part of our fundraising for the ministry in France. Jeremy and I know through two of our favorite places: Taft Street Coffee and Xnihilo Gallery where Marc replaced me as curator and I currently serve with on the gallery board. Talented, creative, amazing with kids, and one of the most gracious people I know I would highly recommend Marc, Click. Wind. Repeat. to anyone looking for photographs that go beyond the overly-posed studio portriats. We can't wait for the next time we get to be photographed by Marc, it is an honor and a real pleasure to work with him.

Here are some of my favorite images. You can see more here or by subscribing to our e-mail newsletter, post a comment if you're interested in how to do that.

The case of the missing camera

I'm pretty sure I know when I had it last, I took pictures of our Easter Egg hunt in our backyard a week or so after Easter. The memory stick was nearly full and I only got a few shots before it ran out of room. Then I'm pretty sure I put it on the computer desk, I think. The camera was to sit there waiting for me to upload the pics onto the computer and share here and with friends and family. But before that could happen I had to locate the card reader which was "somewhere" in the van from our trip to Colorado. Card reader located and ready to go a few days ago I planned on emptying that card and sharing some photos of our trip, Easter, finished knitting projects and more but the camera was nowhere to be found! Evangeline's reach is longer than I think and after checking in bags and everywhere that made sense my search extended to her level thinking maybe she couldn't resist the shiny object. The camera is still missing! Images trapped inside of Evangeline's first experience with snow, Ophelia sledding down the hill, Lavinia dodging snowballs, Helena's mischievous grin, and other sweet memories.

I have photos to share, really, I do. Sorry I can't find them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Farewell baby, Hello toddler!

She has learned the word, the power word of toddlers the world over. No. It was official that she moved from baby to toddler when she started walking and denying it grew more difficult when she was running a week later. But still, somehow it didn't seem like she was really a toddler. Until two days ago. The moment was innocent enough, we were home from the day's activities and I had gotten Evangeline Claire out of the van, set her down to toddle up to the house as I grabbed the diaper bag and reminded the big girls what they were supposed to be doing which was not hitting each other with their bags and actually going to the house as well. In the midst of that particular chaos, Evangeline discovered a light on the inside of the van near the step and sliding side door. Captivated she alternated covering and uncovering the light, squealing with delight in how the light reappeared each time. It was cute. I joined in the game after issuing one last warning to the children still in the van giving Evangeline and me a sweet shared moment. We were giggling, me at her obvious delight in the light's little trick, her that the light was still there every time she moved her hand. And then, because I'm 31 and not almost 16 months, I tired of this activity (who has the attention issues I wonder) and invited her to hold my hand and walk to the house, pointing out the flowers blooming along the way. Evangeline looked at me sweetly pointing to the light and then ignored me by returning to the game. Visions of blood sucking insects filling our van, again I tried to redirect her, this time taking her hand and gently leading her away from the open door of the van. Concern and confusion crossed her sweet features and she grunted, pulling away from me. I talked happily, crossing to the pink flowers to entice her leave what I considered the mundane light. It didn't work. So I came back to her and told her it was time to go in now, there were too many mosquitoes out and let's go find a book in the house while again taking her hand and moving to close the door as I gently but firmly tried to lead her toward the walkway. Right then, after a little grunt and a look of frustration she discovered her stubborn tone and said "no." It was so final sounding, she really meant it. Suppressing a laugh I responded with "I know you want to stay but let's go find a book inside the house" while again leading her by the hand away from the van so I could safely slide the side door closed. With her hand in mine but resisting with everything she had she stomped her little feet in rapid succession yelling "no! no! no! no! no!" before collapsing in a heap of tears at my feet. No and a temper tantrum. Definitely a toddler now.

The squall didn't last long, soon she was standing against me, her arms clutching my neck as I kissed her cheeks and dried her little face. Speaking brightly I showed her the cheerful flowers again and she babbled crossing to them with interest, tears forgotten, she squatted to check them out then moved on to cross the threshold repeating "boo" over and over again on her way to pick out a favorite book to read together. As she played just minutes later, far too busy to sit still for a book I sighed at this new place we are entering together, me letting go of the baby, her discovering and exerting her will and the shaping of both child and parents that is sure to be a part of all of our growing up.