Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where have I been?

Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger. I've been absent, I know and for the few followers I have well, that doesn't leave much to follow.

So where have I been? In a word: gestating. I'm coming out of my gestation fog now and looking forward to some sort of return to normalcy which of course, is never normal. For the blog that means hoping to return to about 4 blog posts a week in varying lengths and topics. Don't expect much by way of recipes though, that is an area that always suffers while I'm pregnant. Pregnancy and I get along only to a point, really, we don't get along very well at all. I want to love pregnancy, have visions of the glowing, happy pregnant lady but that simply isn't my reality. The yellowish, gray pallor of my skin hardly constitutes a glow and no amount of make-up can successfully cover my raccoon dark circles around my sunken eyes. Due to an illness called Hyperemisis Gravidarum (Latin for "lots of puking in pregnancy"), also known as HG, I can abandon ideas of bright eyes, rosy cheeks and a healthy shine in exchange for a puke bucket, IVs, quick weight loss and a slue of medications that will hopefully stymie the cycle of vomiting, malnutrition, dehydration, weight loss and other not-so-glowing symptoms related to HG. For someone that believes wholeheartedly that pregnancy and birth is a natural life event requiring little or no intervention I sure do require a lot of intervention just to get to my baby at the end. However, I end up with healthy, beautiful little ones that don't seem any worse for the wear.

So that is where I have been. I shall try to be here more now as I am feeling better. I even celebrated a weight gain of 3.7 pounds this week. With that, how could I not be blogging more?