Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Computer

I got a new computer today. It's my second Mac which I think officially makes a "Mac person." About 6 months ago I had a bad moment with my other Mac, it met the floor and cracked the screen. After that it did funny things like flash, go dark, and in general act like it didn't feel good. I'm sure it didn't, I would feel good either. But I resisted a new computer, for a few reasons. My old computer felt like a friend, it fit me, was worn and broken in like my favorite pair of Dr. Martins. Apple stopped making the 12" and I just thought 15" looked huge, no, there was no way. Plus there was the issue of money further complicating things. So I just used Jeremy's new computer until with the pregnancy it he would ask me if he could check his e-mail on his computer. I really needed my own. This may sound strange but I didn't write well on Jeremy's computer, it felt so foreign. And while I'm still learning this computer and will for a while it already feels more me, I think it's the whole size thing- it's 13" and I just fit a small computer better. Hopefully this will inspire me to write more. I'll be back with a pic later and of our newest leap into the 20th century. No, you read that right, we're about to join the 20th century and the rest of the world.

We're getting cell phones.


  1. HA! I wish I could do without my cell phone, but alas.. we abide by the rules of the 21st. Further, I might be getting high speed soon! ta-da!
    Met Marc yesterday... sold him so photo equipment (i needed the cash) I am so pleased that you felt well enough to write!
    miss you

  2. Jessica.... are you gonna post your sweet family video on your blog...

    i have been watching your blog for your next update ...even though I see your action on Facebook too.

    Jenny C.