Sunday, December 21, 2008

12.14.08 Benediction- An Advent Benediction

The benediction I wrote last week. It's ok, not great but ok. The running theme through the messages has carried over into my benedictions (this is a good thing) but they are starting to sound the same to me. Not that that's a bad thing, it is a theme that bears repeating.

In secret, gifts are given
Not wrapped to draw attention
Simple needs met in Compassion's glance
Love exhaled with weighty purpose
Joy poured forth
For the broken hearted
And lost to dispair
Virgin womb
Now ripe with Divinity incarnate
Birth's pierced hands, feet, flowing side
This is not empty promises living
This is Emmanuel, God with us.

Justice seekers growing daily
To know God more completely
Love sacrificially
For adoration requires giving your all
Life abundant to be lived fully
See as children and saints before you
Conspire to love
As your liberating Lord


  1. Wow! That just about sums it up.
    I have missed almost all of advent and ALL of advent as far as services go... so thanks for giving me the benediction version. Kathy

  2. I just happened to re read this tonight out of curiosity I hit "christian" because that was such a random tag... and it only had one posting. LOL God needed me to see it, again. I still love it.