Sunday, December 7, 2008

Advent Benediction

I wrote this December 2, 2007, I think it was the first Sunday in Advent but I could be mistaken. This is a very special benediction to me, written during the season of Advent and me very pregnant with Evangeline Claire, her very name meaning clear good news or gospel. Today, the second Sunday of Advent a year later I reflect and share this benediction with you here no longer pregnant and wondering what happened to the waiting as another year has flown by.

Benediction 12.02.07

Ripe expectation
In chaos ignored
Joyful suffering forgotten
For temporal desires
Hording stifles compassion's cries
Afraid to lose what we can never keep
Apathy, our subtle friend
Blinds us to complacency's clutch

Mary, full waiting
Longing for pain
For midst the lingering groans
And washing waves
The vision of promise sweet
Is for a moment lost
Consumed by the work
Of love to be born
But from wrenching pain and stinging sweat
Each determined grip
Births creation's Maker
The Word in Flesh

Release breath
Listen now
Love's cries awaken new
Eternal wealth
Living to be shared
Like pure water
Life-giving for all

Go out and share the wealth
Divine love has come

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  1. Beautiful, thanks for posting this!

    I loved seeing you guys the other day. I feel like worlds away sometimes...

    Your words brought me close for the time.

    Love you,