Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11.02.08 Benediction

I write poems and benedictions pretty regularly. Here's one from earlier this month, I shared it at Huntsville Community Church and our home church, Ecclesia, Houston.

Cast-off bandages of wounds healed
Litter suffering's path
Balm and honey provided
From Divinity's hands, feet and side
Predictions grim clouded recovery's promise
Not through
Personal strength
Or private battle
But burned off by the rays of warm, Love-filled Grace
Healed ones, healed fully or still in part,
Tread expeditions grand
Carrying salve
Fresh cool water from Living Springs deep
And strong arms to lift those broken down and lost
Yours now the gift to love
From the Great Physician
Not to journey only for self
For many suffer from festering wounds
Only One can heal
Lift up that beam
You are equipped and not alone
Breathe Love, bring bread, serve water
You have been healed
You have been called.

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