Saturday, November 21, 2009

France, Day 12

Day 12, Friday
Taking it Easy and Birthday love!
Having returned to our hosts Inge and Meinhart via the TGV again, we spent Friday taking it easy, doing laundry, and sleeping in. I am sore all over from my fall, my knees are more banged up than I realized but my face looks better than expected even though my teeth and face still hurt. The weather is kind to us, more mild than it had been earlier and no rain so we decide to finish walking around the castle grounds Jeremy grew up on. I marveled the entire time at just how incredibly fantastical it all is. I pretended to live in places like that and he actually did. It was awesome. We explored what we could of the castle which wasn’t open, even jumping a low wall to sneak into the cellar and pear through back windows. Yes, I know, I fell flat on my face the day before just walking across the street, how could I even entertain the thought of jumping even a low wall (4 feet maybe?) at 7 and a half months pregnant. Have you noticed the title of the blog? There’s a reason for that you know. I did just fine too, jumping over and climbing back up. Walking through the grounds Jeremy pointed out various points of memories or what had changed over the years. Soaking it all in, I couldn’t help thinking about how the girls would love this and some day we will bring them here with a picnic and enjoy the grounds together as a family. Though it is sad that the chateau isn’t being utilized for the amazing building it is, it is beautiful to see that so many people in the community love and use the grounds. There were children playing all around, games of soccer and tag and couples both young and old strolling the gravel path. I took pictures of everything from trees to the castle to the stream and natural fairy houses to show the girls. Magical and I am kind of glad that this enchanted place doesn’t have a sign barring the public from enjoying it. Jeremy has written a post to share later about our explorations of the grounds and we’ll share that here later.

Eleven years ago today I became a mother for the first time. Which coincides nicely with Ophélia’s 11th birthday. I’m missing the girls like crazy and wondering how I could have been stupid enough to think I’d be ok not being with her on the actual day for her birthday. We called her from the castle grounds adn wished her a happy birthday. She squealed on the phone, it made me feel better to hear how excited she was to hear from us on her day even though we had talked with them just the day before. My big girl, she’s just amazing. We talked as Jeremy and I walked around the castle grounds and then Lamorlaye a little bit. It was so good to hear that even though she missed us she was doing well and looking forward to our return. I was surprised there were no tears, well, other than my own. I cry every birthday though, happy/sad tears that I don’t let the girls see. I’m so proud of Ophélia. Happy Birthday my first born!

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