Friday, November 20, 2009

France, Day 8

Day 8, Monday.
Can’t believe we’ve been in France for a complete week, most of it in Paris. This feels so surreal. And no, I haven’t actually been to see the Eiffel Tower yet. I figure it isn’t going anywhere, right? After a killer charlie horse last night I’m sore in that calf (oh yes, the joys of pregnancy!) and not sure how much walking I’m up to for the day but I can’t exactly sit around on my arse doing nothing when I’m in Paris. We’ll just have to take it slow and I’ll suffer for the cause. I’m a martyr for France, isn’t that sweet?

Since our hotel doesn’t have wi-fi and we can’t find anywhere with easy access to free wi-fi we go to Steve and Pete’s hotel to use theirs while they do some shopping. Taking it slow. The e-mails are overwhelming and I start to realize that I’m not going to get caught up until we’re back in the states. I’ve also realized that I’m addicted to the internet. The computer and I are attached at the hip. How in the world am I supposed to live without being able to check e-mails and FaceBook 1000 times a day and no, I’m pretty sure that isn’t an exaggeration. Go ahead and tell me to get a life, I’m in Paris. After attempting to get caught up with some e-mails etc. Pete and Steve came back from their odd must-have trip to the taxidermist. It was at this point I questioned our friendship. I felt better about it after they took me to the website and I must admit it was pretty cool looking though I still find it pretty creepy to have stuffed, dead animals hanging from the walls. The insect collection looks extensive though, Ophélia would enjoy that. Watch it end up on our must-visit list when she’s here. *sigh*
Enjoyed our last meal with Pete and Steve at another French bistro (I had veggie soup, finally, more vegetables though really it was all carrots) before saying our goodbyes as they headed back to London. We dreamed about the next time we’d get to see each other in Paris and bid our farewell’s with the traditional French kisses on the cheek. Mwah, mwah.

Notre Dame time! We took it slow, my feet, ankles and legs were sore. Beautiful but sad again wondering where the sacredness of the space had gone. I think I like Le Sacre Coeur better though even though it was awe inspiring to take in the site of so much history and beauty. I kept looking for Quasimodo but alas, he never appeared. We walked through the inside and were blown away by a fantastic organ piece being played, very dark, a tonal, and loud. Jeremy didn’t find it too worshipful but since I found little about the place to actually be worshipful I really reveled in the awesome sound. After escaping, er, uh, I mean exiting the church we had a little promenade across the street to find the fabled French crepes shops surrounding Notre Dame. Finding a vendor just down the street a little (thus a few euros cheaper) we ordered our fresh crepe. Jeremy got Nutella and I got Grand Marnier. OMG! These things were TDF. And if you don’t understand that, you don’t text or IM enough. They were almost too hot to eat but it was so cold we managed to warm our hands and stuff our face at the same time. Talent I tell you. In the shadow of Notre Dame we warmed up with alcohol laced crepes and looked very dignified doing so I’m sure. HA! The plan was to sit in a little park behind Notre Dame and enjoy our crepes while taking in the church from a different angle but I only had about two bites left by the time we crossed the street to the park. Stuffed our face may have been the nice way to explain how I ate my crepes, it was more like inhale. The back of the church is beautiful, maybe even more so than the front. Jeremy said he likes Notre Dame from the rear better. Ah yes, I’ll let you ponder the appropriateness of him saying he like “Our Lady’s behind better.” Turns out the little park actually had free wi-fi so we hoped on and did a bit of e-mail checking but the cold was so driving that we had to leave and get more crepes. Yes, it was necessary.

Back to hotel, talking and praying along the way about God’s will for us here. At the hotel we discussed our impressions so far and the shared urgency we have that we get here soon. Tonight we were supposed to walk around the area and pray but my feet and ankles are acting like those of a woman in her third trimester so I stay in to blog, read, and write the girls with my feet up. Jeremy goes out to film some footage of the area and will be back to share that and some couscous from across the street with me. Completely exhausted I fell asleep before he was even back but woke up to eat a little lamb, veggies, and couscous. Delicious.

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