Friday, November 27, 2009

Headed back to the reality of now.

We're in Colorado getting ready to leave for the journey to Texas now. By the time we get home we will have been gone for 3 and a half weeks. That feels like a long time. It has been a wonderful trip in so many ways, I don't think I've been able to absorb it all yet. I'm ready for home though, ready to be in our own space, preparing and eating our own food, getting into our regular routine, settling in to have a baby, and sleeping in my own bed. Our friends and the people we work with in Houston have been missing from our lives in a big way and time hasn't been our own. The road to Houston has some unique challenges for us this time but though part of me is dreading it, another part of me is looking forward to the adventure. I'm working on my attitude, that will go a long way in making this trek a positive experience. Bitterness does not a good travel companion make.

I have more to share from our time in France though the daily updates are pretty much complete. Once I sort through the thousand pictures we took I'll pick a few to put up and I'm thinking about making a video, maybe. But those things will have to wait a bit, first priority is getting the family home, we should be back in Houston on Sunday.


  1. I trust something has worked out for a rental car. We've been praying for your return trip to Texas. Safe travels!

  2. It was complicated but something has worked out. Jeremy's mom, sister and niece drove us down to Amarillo (where our van is) in a borrowed 15 passenger van as there were no vehicles big enough available for rent for our family from Colorado. We picked up the rental mini-van in Amarillo last night and today we get a Uhaul truck and trailer to tow our van home to the mechanic. Crazy plan but it appears to be working. Thanks for asking!