Monday, December 7, 2009

Some pics of the people...

Dinner with friends: Philip, Cynthia, Sylvian, and Delphine.

Jeremy and the bouquiniste that sold us some neat French philosophy books for our friend Steve.

Jeremy's friend from high school, Sylvian. We had a great dinner with him in a Bistro in the 9th.

A fun couple of piano movers that were more than happy to have their picture taken.
A gentleman down by the Seine River that kept commenting about us being cute young lovers. He was a lot of fun and I loved his hat!

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  1. hello,
    just came over form helpHER website - have been being amused /agreeing with (ok not the right word but i can't quite figure what the word is) by the 'crackered' comments/stories. that website was such an encouragement to me when i was pregnant with baby1.
    so now i 've found your website and it looks interesting and i will read it some more, when i am not supposed to be going to sleep!