Sunday, December 13, 2009

WIP Weekend, sick style.

Thanks to Waldorf Mama (a far more prolific knitter than myself and infinitely more read as a blogger) I've decided to start making a weekly post on my current WIPs (Work In Progress) to share. I may or may not make them weekly though since I go in phases with my knitting, it waxes and wanes depending on my mood and the other things I have going on. Since we got back from France my knitting has been sorely neglected but I've picked it back up this weekend thanks to having sick kids that need me to just sit and cuddle. That and baby has moved pretty low so I feel like I'm holding in a bowling ball. I'm grateful to sit and knit.

So the family's current WIPs. Lots of these are Christmas presents so I can't say too much about them, you know, just in case.

H is working on a finger knitted chain belt and headband set for a gift for someone. I don't know what yarn this is, actually, it was given to us by someone that was someone cleaning out their stash. It is some sort of acrylic rope, she's enjoying working with it. Not my first pick for her since I prefer the girls to use only natural fibers but it is fun and pretty and I know the person lucky enough to get this set will love it too.

L's project has been a WIP for about 3 months now. A simple, soft bamboo baby hat for V. Knitting isn't her favorite thing in the world so she's a little slow going. She enjoys it, for maybe a row or two at a time and then she's off looking for more adventure. This hat may be finished by the time V gets here, we'll have to see.

O's WIP is a tiny pair of wool pants for a beloved toy here. She created the pattern herself but her creativity wasn't limited to the actual design, lacking the DPNs she decided were required for her project, she ransacked the pick-up-sticks game for improvised needles. Worked pretty well too and are very colorful!

As usual, I have several WIPs going at once not to mention the projects that are hibernating until specific projects for Christmas and V are completed or I feel like picking them up again anyway. My wrap is in that pile at the moment but I'm hoping to pick that one back up very soon.

Pair of ballet style leg-warmers, I'm going to need to make several pairs of these, I've had a lot of requests. Thankfully they are easy. I think I'm going to try some in some bulky yarn next, that should be pretty, easy and fast! This particular pair are out of the same fuzzy pink bamboo as L's baby hat and a touch of some Alpaca/silk blend I had left over from another project. Hope to have the pair completed today.

Little pair of mittens that would take me all of half an hour to finish, I just have felt like I've had more pressing matters and projects. If I get sick of the leg-warmers today and need a break I'll finish these otherwise they'll wait until tomorrow. These go with a hat/scarflet set that E refuses to wear. It's really cute though. Made with crazy soft single ply merino wool and alpaca/silk I wish I could get her to keep the scarf and the hat on, we'll see if the mittens fair any better. Her hands get so cold on our bike rides to school programs these days.

I have more WIPs personally but these two are what I'm working on this weekend and planning to finish today. More WIPs and maybe some pics of FO later this week.

While Jeremy does knit and does have a WIP going this is what our afternoon has looked like so far, us girls sitting and knitting while he reads George McDonald's "The Princess and The Goblin" to us. We're soaking in the adventure as things get really exciting now and our needles click away with nervous anticipation. It is a great way to spend a sick weekend, napping, reading, eating soup and knitting. With now 5 out of 6 of us down with fevers, coughs, congestion and all around miserable, this helps pass the time.

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