Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Ultimate Excuse

Cosette Marguerite Constance Martin-Weber
7lbs, 4oz; 19.5 inches
12.28.09, 7. 36 a.m.
Born at home into my hands surrounded by love and peace.

I started several posts over the last week or so. I had planned a post on "Happy Holiday vs. Merry Christmas," one on our Christmas traditions, a few brief update posts, some maternity photo posts, a Christmas activities post, some WIP and a post on procrastination but I kept, er, procrastinating? I have a good excuse now though, sorta.


  1. Welcome to Baby Cosette! You picked some beautiful names for a beautiful little girl. Wish we could come see her - we're on the north side of Houston until next week. Get lots of rest and enjoy your precious baby.

  2. Amy, we'd love to see you. How much longer are you in town for? Any chance we could get together?