Monday, March 8, 2010

From the School Room

The Danger at Sea
by Ophélia Martin-Weber
Writing and Literature, 5/6

Me and my friends are fishermen
And we had to leave our women
We will go out into the sea
And see what we can see.
I said goodbye to my wife, Mrs. Ownby
She's pretty as a bee
This story is about me
And I want to tell it to Thee.

When in the great sapphire sea we sail
And meet the dangerous Great Blue Whale
His one and only wish
Is not to eat a single fish,
He'll only eat the floating plankton
And still he weighs an amazing ton!

He rose at last from the ocean floor
His tail then hit our great strong oars.
It made us fall out of our boat
And we tried hard to stay afloat
Above the water was my head to chin
Struggling in the big ocean.

It felt just like an enormous whip
When his mighty tail broke our little ship!
My good and trusted friend named Bill
Was too struggling with a chill;
Oh, I only have one wish,
That nothing will eat us like a fish!

Later that day, it started to rain
Pondering on us, oh what pain!
I asked God to stop the mountainous waves
To rescue us and keep us safe
In the water I was crying
To stay above the water, trying.

Across the sea my dear Ownby,
Crying as much as she can be.
She never listened because she covered her ears
Her cheeks are red from her sweet sad tears,
On her knees her friends saw with their eyes,
Hiccuping and wailing with all her cries!

Here lost in the ocean
My head in the water to my chin.
My good friend died, oh Bill!
That gave myself a dreadful chill.
Then I saw a shark with his gills
Then I was gone, for I was killed.


  1. wow that is an awesome poem!! ho old is she??

  2. She is 11. I love how some times it is very literary and then suddenly it is very Dr. Seuss! I absolutely love seeing the development. I'm so honored to be her mother.

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