Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekend WIP, slow going

Knitting is slow going these days. Time, interest, energy, etc. are lacking and sometimes I just plain forget to knit when I do have the time. I made it all the way through Tuesday night's LOST, Thursday night's Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, and a movie (The Fountain, I don't recommend it, found it very boring but maybe I'm just too sleep deprived to appreciate it) and never picked up my knitting. I didn't even think to until they were over.

So my WIPs really are just a Karius (Stockinknit stitch Backtus) and a pair of socks that I should have finished ages ago. There are a few FO (but I don't have pics) and a few hibernating works but I'm just not really doing a lot of knitting these days.

The slow-going Karius:

I made sure to put the yarn label some place where I could find it easily. I can't find it. It is sea-silk sock yarn, hand dyed by Selah/Becoming Art. Evidently I have a thing for torturing myself with knitting tiny yarn on tiny needles. The relaxing knitting every mom with a newborn and 4 other children needs. Why do I do these things to myself?

Further proof of my slightly masochistic knitting desires, socks. Socks that should have taken me 4 days. We're going on 4 weeks. For the first sock. I almost knit two at a time on circular needles but I didn't have two pair circular needles in size 2 anyway. So, to increase my knitting pain/pleasure, I'm using #2 dpns doing one sock at a time! Yay me! About to turn the heel. Using superwash wool/bamboo blend from Sensations' Bamboo and Ewe pattern line of self-striping yarn in purples and grays. I like it a lot.

Evangeline finally put the hat, scarf and mitten set all on at the same time on a lovely spring day. I bet she's going to love the set come July and won't let me take it off her in August. Just like she refused the scarf and hat when we were in Colorado in November and it was 20 degrees. I don't think E has a future as a weather girl. Watching her try to eat an apple with mittens on was incredibly entertaining.

There just isn't much happening on the needles right now. I do knit something every day, even if it is just a row. There are just so many other types of WIPs going on right now and my arms are very often full making knitting difficult if not impossible.

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