Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stages of a Station, the Art of Art part 2

The second part of the piece was the actual photographs. This Stations of the Cross exhibit is also a part of Fotofest, an art event that takes place every other year. Not having a camera of the caliber I'd like for something like this, I borrowed my friend Jack's camera and set about a-clicking. I could explain the concept behind these images but I'm not going to do that just yet. Your comments on these would be greatly appreciated. Please note that I know I am not a photographer, in fact, I'm not sure I'm an artist but I do kind of have an artistic eye. I had a great time taking these images and they all feature Cosette at almost 5 weeks old.

The following three images are used in the piece and were taken by Linda Dybala at Cosette's birth.

I intend to share more images from these sessions but these are the ones that are a part of the piece.

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  1. For some reason they remind me of baby Moses in the basket... And I guess the theme carries over to Jesus as a baby with all that vulnerability being raised by someone who is not technically His mother... Great shots!