Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Huggz Heal

I guest posted over here today. This was not an easy post to write for me personally and readers should know there could be triggers for abuse victims. In this particular post I talk about how even loving, devoted parents can slip into patterns of abuse with their children, in fact, I think often that is the case. The abusers rarely are the monsters we'd like to imagine them to be. The truth is, they are usually just like you and me. The danger of teachings by Michael Pearl and his wife Debbie Pearl is just that it is easy for parents seeking to raise their children "right" and to be godly people don't realize just how far it, how far they can go. My family was a part of ATI, then called ATIA or Advanced Training Institute (of America) and my parents really believed they were doing what was right. I believe that later their understanding changed. It is a slippery slope and the intentions are for the best. Unfortunately, that doesn't ensure that the outcome is.


  1. Whoa, I didn't know you were in ATI! I was too, from 1986-1999. Though I never had to deal with physical abuse, it's still taken a few years to unload the mental/spiritual baggage of wrong ideologies. By the grace of God I've felt "free" for a while now. :-)

    (You may not remember me... my husband and I helped with Simple Feast at Ecclesia a couple years ago, until we moved to Baton Rouge.)

  2. I do remember you! Well, after I went and checked out your blog and saw your pic. We were in ATI around the same time though I "got out" before you did. It has taken me a while to experience and know the freedom and life abundant God intended for me, my faith really went through a crisis period after I left home. The healing has been a process. I'm so glad you have come to know that freedom as well.