Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello Gibberish

face sculpture(These odd little face sculptures were hidden on the side of two buildings in Montmarte Paris. I think they're great.)

I want to write a post for todayr, I hfave several in mind. In fact, I fhave so manry blog posts floating around in myr fhead I can't even pick wfhicfh one to actuallyr write. As I go about mry dayr working, caring for kids, cooking, blafh, blahf, blafh, I am constantlry carrying on mini-conversations withf readers. Crafhting new posts, many that never materialize on my blog. Wfhicfh means I talk to myrself. In mry fhead. Tfhis could mean blogging isn't actuallyr fhealtfhyr for me. Or it means I'm strange and would do tfhat anyrwarys. But I'm not going to do a real tfhougfhtful blog post righft now, as ryou can see, I'm fhaving issues. No, not tfhose kind of issues, tfhoughf I fhave thfose too but computer/typing issues. And track-pad issues. Wfhen I type tfhe letter "H" mryr computer randomlyr contributes an extra "f" or two. And vice versa. Same tfhing hfappens withf tfhe "y" and "r." But it doesn't do it every time, just most every time.

Thfis. Is so. Annoyring.

Montmarte"The torture of the anvil life with thin wings."
(On a wall in Montmart, Paris)

Tfhe computer went into tfhe Apple Store today for thfem to save tfhe day. Guess wfhat tfhey said. Yep, tfhere's a problem. You need a new thfing. Ok, tfhey didn't say thfing, I'm not sure wfhat tfhey said but I need a new thfing and tfhey don't fhave thfe tfhing I need so it is on order. Wfhen tfhis new thfing comes in tfhey'll call and we'll take thfe computer up wfhere it will fhave to stay 1-3 days. So in tfhat 1-3 days I'll be reading books. Yes, tfhat's wfhat I've decided. Not cleaning, not cooking, not writing, but reading books. I can always fhind ways to avoid productivity. But reading is productive! I swear, I only read productive reading materials. Tfhe Nanny Diaries qualifies as productive literature, rigfht? HFYR. Yum. Fun. Random letters.

So because I don't want to drive myself crazy trying to post pictures from L's b-day wfhen my track pad isn't working correctly and I'll drive myself crazy trying to write any of tfhe otfher potential posts rattling around in my hfead and cleaning up excess letters constantly. All serious posting is postponed until I hfave a macfhine tfhat doesn't give my written voice some sort of bizarre lisp. I will try to post some WIP tomorrow and maybe copy and paste an old post or sometfhing I've written but never shfared. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't like to commit. Oddly enoughf, thfe madness witfh my computer seems to be reflecting some of my own feelings, a sudden onset of gibberish. Maybe some "quiet" is a good idea to sort thfings out.

Face sculpture
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  1. That's one crazy keyboard you got! But oddly, I can still read the whole post very easily. That's kind weird, no?

  2. I think that's weird too. I thought maybe I could read it because I wrote it but DH said he could read it too. Our brains are amazing.

  3. Yes - I'm the same! I always have posts and conversations swirling in my head. I never go anywhere without a notepad so I can jot the good stuff down.

    Good luck with the haunted keyboard - odd that we can still read it without any trouble though.

  4. Stopping by from SITS. Possessed keyboard?

  5. Wow, what a bizarre fault. And you're right, it reads like a kind of lisping.

    Love the masks!

  6. Yes, a possessed keyrboard. It eithfer reads like a lisp or like I'm fhinting at swearing all thfe time. Mini-F-bombs dropping left and righft. Whfich is kind of fitting since it does make me want to swear.

  7. OOh, the random letter thing would cause me to throw the computer out the window! I'm currently having a space bar issue myself. It seems to only work about every third time.