Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life Otherwise

There has been a lot going on. Just like you can feel the buzz in Houston of the earth gearing up for spring, our family has been shifting gears as well. Our nature table has been sorely neglected over the past several months but this undercurrent of change pulls me to do some spring cleaning, to set-up our nature table and to spend more time outdoors.

The girls must be feeling this too. I hadn't planned to do a garden this season, too busy tending to my newest little sapling but today the big girls surprised me and brought out the shovels, hoes and rakes and began turning the garden. It is late in the season but seeing as winter was colder and longer than normal for Houston, perhaps, with a little help from indoor starts and grow lights, we can get the garden going after all.

Helena has taken to mothering her new doll and they explore outside together building forts, climbing trees and going for bike rides. The doll is from Nova naturals fair trade line and the carrier is from Sweet Slings in a Dick and Jane print, Helena's favorite read these days.

The skies entice us to just be.

Sunny skies and mild temperatures beckon to us and our school room moved outside several times this past week. The refreshing breezes inspired poems, fairy house construction, tree climbing, nature observations and adventurous spirits trying new ideas.

My spot:And sleeping next to me...

I even pulled out my sewing machine and cut into some fabric I just love for a simple skirt for Helena's birthday.

It fit me. Had to alter it to fit her before we left for lunch and fancy cupcakes.

Ophélia has given cooking and baking more of a try creating delicious meals (she is specializing in breakfast right now) that we enjoy. The chemistry opportunities afforded in the kitchen are so yummy!

Emerging from our cocoon, we're looking forward to spring.

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